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Posies and Teardrop Sprays

All arrangements can be customised upon request 

Country Style Posy

From £50

All White Posy

From £40


Personalised Pink and White Posy

From £30 (as shown)

Red and White Posy

From £30 (£50 as shown)

Autumn Coloured Posy

From £30 (£70 as shown)

Pink and Purple Mixed Posy

From £30 (£45 as shown)

Red and White Massed Posy

From £60 (as shown)


Purple and White Teardrop Spray

From £50 (as shown)

Lilac and Pale Pink Teardrop Spray

From £50 (£65 as shown)


Summery Teardrop Spray

From £50 (£65 as shown)

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